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Our non-destructive leak detection services include locating:

  • Pool Leaks
  • Spa Leaks
  • Specialty Equipment Leaks
  • Fountain Leaks
  • Pond Leaks
  • Therapy, Swim and Plunge Tank Leaks

Once the leak is accurately located and pin-pointed, we will then provide a quote for any repair work needed.

Our Leak

Water Loss / Evaporation Measuring Equipment
Water Loss / Evaporation Measuring Equipment
Water Loss / Evaporation Measuring Equipment
Water Loss / Evaporation Measuring Equipment

Leak Finding

Determine the source of your leak which will be either within the shell of your pool, in or around the skimmer box,
PVC suction lines, PVC return lines, where pipe-work connects to the pool shell or your pool light(s), pool pump(s), filtration or heating equipment:

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  • Use advanced leak detection technology to accurately measure water loss/evaporation within 15 minutes to help find your leak and also to confirm the success of any subsequent repair-work upon completion;
  • For vinyl liner or fibreglass pools, use low-voltage conductivity technology to locate even the smallest pinhole leak or other leakage sources within the shell;
  • For concrete or tiled pools, use highly sensitive underwater audio equipment to hear water leaks from within the shell or inside plumbing lines;
  • Dye testing for leaks within the pool shell, skimmer box and plumbing inlets/outlets;
  • Pressure test PVC pipe-work that is above ground or below ground with water or air pressure;
  • Use an electronic listening device to hear water leaks;
  • If the leak doesn’t make a noise when pressurised with water/compressed air, use hydrogen/nitrogen gas and a high-end gas detector to pin-point the leak location;
  • When necessary use an underwater camera to view the leak source;
  • Repair or replace pump and filtration equipment;
  • Repair structural leaks and any underground or above ground plumbing leaks.

Does My Pool Have a Leak?

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Swimming pools and spas lose water through evaporation throughout the year. Water levels can fluctuate daily depending on humidity, temperature, wind and rainfall. Evaporation is the cause in most cases, but this can be minimised with the use of a pool cover.

The loss is less during winter because rainfall helps to offset lost water from evaporation. Heavy rainfall periods can often require that your pool will need to be part-drained to keep your pool at ideal water levels.

Water Loss Symptoms

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During summer water loss of up to 6mm per day is common, but greater losses indicate a leakage problem and as a pool owner you will suspect you have a leak when there is a larger than normal drop in your pool water levels.

Other indications your pool has a leak:

  • Pump won’t fully prime or has air bubbles at the top of the pump;
  • It’s extremely difficult to get your pump to prime or it loses its prime overnight;
  • Suction for your pool cleaner isn’t as good as it used to be;
  • Your pool deck is lifting or sinking;
  • Wet areas around the pool, check for soggy, sunken or eroding soil;
  • Water is needed to be added more than once per week.

Ongoing Cost of a Pool Leak?

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A pool losing water is a concern for many homeowners, because of the cost for water replacement

the time it takes for re-filling and increased chemical costs.

Water loss from your pool will be absorbed by the soil underneath the leak, so the soil will then expand. As the soil dries-out, it will contract and over time the different rates of soil expansion and contraction in and around your pool structure will increase the risk of cracking and more extensive structural damage.

Bucket Test

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If your pool is losing more than 6mm per day and you expect that you have a leak, you can perform a simple bucket test to confirm before calling us.

Place a brick or rock in the bottom of a bucket and sit the bucket on the steps of your pool. Fill the water in the bucket to be the same level as your pool and clearly mark the water level in the bucket. For stability reasons, try to have the bucket 3/4 full and have the water in the bucket completely cover the brick or rock.

Run your pool equipment normally and check one or two days later, if the water level in the bucket is higher than your pool there is a leak.

If you do have a leak, repeat the test with the pump turned-off. This will help to isolate if the leak is coming from the pool shell itself, or from the pool equipment, fittings and plumbing.


leora creak

we are very happy with the service we received from terry at cleanpools. came on time.knew what he was doing ,will follow up with no extra charge.found the problem quickly and will follow up to make sure all is ok. would highly recommend their service to anyone looking for pool repairs or maitanence

Al Farmer

Terry has been brilliant from his pool school at the start teaching me how to keep the pool clean, from both a chemical and equipment perspective. He has helped me keep to a budget with equipment that I needed. He is happy to speak in between monthly visits where he cleans the pool and checks the chemicals to let me know what I need to do.

Anna Smith

Excellent service, they gave me an estimate of job cost on the phone, arrived on time and found leaks which the previous leak company could not find. Followed up and provided a detailed report so I could claim costs through insurance. Will use them again

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