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Leak Finding Process

Determine the source of your leak which will be either within the shell of your pool, in or around the skimmer box, PVC suction lines, PVC return lines, where pipe-work connects to the pool shell or your pool light(s), pool pump(s), filtration or heating equipment:

  • Use advanced leak detection technology to accurately measure water loss/evaporation within 15 minutes to help find your leak and also to confirm the success of any subsequent repair-work upon completion;
  • For vinyl liner or fibreglass pools, use low-voltage conductivity technology to locate even the smallest pinhole leak or other leakage sources within the shell;
  • For concrete or tiled pools, use highly sensitive underwater audio equipment to hear water leaks from within the shell or inside plumbing lines;
  • Dye testing for leaks within the pool shell, skimmer box and plumbing inlets/outlets;
  • Pressure test PVC pipe-work that is above ground or below ground with water or air pressure;
  • Use an electronic listening device to hear water leaks;
  • If the leak doesn’t make a noise when pressurised with water/compressed air, use hydrogen/nitrogen gas and a high-end gas detector to pin-point the leak location;
  • When necessary use an underwater camera to view the leak source;
  • Repair or replace pump and filtration equipment;
  • Repair structural leaks and any underground or above ground plumbing leaks.


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