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Halo Connect System


The Halo Connect System has several connected components that enables the operation of your pool equipment to be automated, monitored and analysed.

Seemlessly integrate and control multiple devices, including your chlorinator, heater, fountain, additional pumps, blowers, lights and other pool equipment.

Connectivity between Halo products is via Bluetooth. Simply plug the Halo device into a power point, no electrician or complicated installation is required.

Take control of the system via Bluetooth or connect the Halo Chlor to your Wi-Fi network for remote connectivity.

Halo Chlor

The Halo Chlor from AstralPool is the chlorinator module and the heart of the Halo Connect System. It brings cutting-edge technology to your pool, with a range of upgrade component options to suit all your pool automation needs.

The Halo Chlor can run in “Ai Mode”, automatically adjusting pump speed, chlorine output and acid dosage for precise sanitation and filtration (requires compatible 3 speed pump and Halo Doser with pH & Chlorine (ORP) Sensors).

Unique and intuitive large touch screen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi/Ethernet connectivity and water temperature sensors. All designed to make set-up and control as easy as possible.

Compatible AstralPool inverter and gas heaters can connect without the Halo Hub module.

Ports and plugs to connect 1 x power outlet (max 8.5A), 1 x RS485 (compatible AstralPool gas heaters & pumps), 2 x RJ12 (AstralPool controllers, heaters or XT pumps), 1 x LAN (RJ45), 1 x water temperature sensor (filter pump water circuit), 1 x light (AstralPool light only) and pH doser connector.

Halo Chlor is available in four different sizes 18, 25, 35 & 45.


The Halo Chlor is needed to connect the Halo Doser with pH & Chlorine (ORP) Sensors and to install the Halo Hub or Halo Xpand modules.


Halo Lite 2 and Halo Lite 4 products can connect to the Halo Chlor (or can be installed as separate and stand-alone devices, controlled by the Halo Lite App via Bluetooth).


If your compatible AstralPool inverter or gas heater doesn’t use the filter pump, a Halo Hub or Halo Xpand is required.

Halo Doser plus pH & Chlorine (ORP) Sensors

While filtration is running, the sensors constantly monitor pH and Chlorine (ORP) levels. Chlorine output and acid dosing amounts will be increased or decreased according to sensor readings and set-points.

The Halo Doser paired with Bluetooth pH and Chlorine (ORP) sensors provide the ultimate protection for your pool health. With a quick and easy set-up, the pH sensor combined with the Halo Doser will keep your pH in range. Add a gold tipped Chlorine (ORP) sensor to maintain optimal chlorine levels for your pool.

The Halo Doser also allows for basic timed operation to add acid without any sensors.


The Halo Chlor is needed to connect the Halo Doser with pH & Chlorine (ORP) Sensors.

Halo Hub

Just simply plug in this sophisticated automation expansion module, it then connects to your Halo Chlor to now become a mini pool automation system. With ports and plugs to operate 2 x power outlets (max 9.5A combined), 4 x valve actuators, 1 x heater input (use with gas, heat pump or solar), plus water & roof temperature sensors.

It can also control an AstralPool Viron Heatpump through the RJ45 connector, or it can control a non-AstralPool heater via a voltage free heater relay (heater connector).

If you have multiple pumps, water features, heaters, or other equipment, the Halo Hub is the perfect add on for your Halo Chlor, to allow for complete control of your pool equipment.


The Halo Chlor is needed to connect the Halo Hub.


1 x Halo Hub and 1 x Halo Xpand can be added, or 2 x Halo Xpands (but not 2 x Halo Hubs).

Halo Xpand

The Halo Xpand is a smaller version of the Halo Hub and is an easy plug-in device that has 2 x power outlets (max 9.5A combined), plus water & roof temperature sensors.

The Halo Expand module is ideal for additional pumps or blowers, or a great alternative for a solar controller etc, allowing for all of your pool equipment to be controlled through the Halo ChlorGo App.


The Halo Chlor is needed to connect the Halo Xpand.


The Halo Hub is required for valve actuators and controlling non-AstralPool gas or inverter heaters.


1 x Halo Hub and 1 x Halo Xpand can be added, or 2 x Halo Xpands (but not 2 x Halo Hubs).

Halo Lite

While Halo Lite 2 & Halo Lite 4 can be used independently and retrofitted to any pool, it’s also a great addition to your Halo Connect System.

Rather than switching your pool and backyard lights on and off manually (and wasting energy when you forget them), this lighting controller allows you to manage all your lights in one place. This means you can program them to turn on and off at specified times.

These innovative controllers have built-in transformers and can be used to control AstralPool, Zodiac LumiPower and Spa Electrics lights. You have the option to wirelessly connect up to two Halo Lite controllers (two x Halo Lite 2, two x Halo Lite 4, or one of each).

Whether used for new pools or as the ideal retrofit product, these pool light controllers can be operated via the stand-alone Halo Lite lighting controller App, or the Halo ChlorGo App for a completely integrated solution.


If you don’t have a Halo Chlorinator, the Halo Lite 2 or Halo Lite 4 can be installed as separate and stand-alone devices. The Halo Lite App allows you to connect up to four Halo Lite modules via Bluetooth.

Halo ChlorGO App

The Halo ChlorGo App provides everything you will need to monitor and control your Halo Connect System, via either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Open the App to change any settings, monitor your pool water health, change timers, check the temperature, turn any connected device on or off and more, all from the convenience of your smart phone.

A simplified Halo Lite App is available for stand-alone lighting use.

Download the Halo ChlorGO App and take full control of your pool:

Connect either by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Change timers & other settings

Monitor pool water health (with sensors)

Turn any connected equipment on or off

Control your pool  from your smart phone


Three year manufacturer waranty for Halo Chlor, one year on pH &  chlorine sensors, dosing motor, gearbox & associated tubing/fittings, two year warranty on cell and electrodes, Halo Hub, Halo Xpand and Halo Lite 2 & 4 products. Refer to www.astralpool.com.au for full warranty details.


ModelVX 7TVX 9T
Output (per hour)25 gms30 gms
Pool Size (litres)50,00075,000
Installed Price$4,215.00$4,530.00


ModelVX 11T
Output (per hour)42 gms
Pool Size (litres)100,000
Installed Price$5,665.00


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