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If you’re like most pool owners, you know that pool maintenance is an enormous but critical task, because there’s no point having a pool if it’s not clean and swimmable.

We have the best in quality equipment, products and skills to keep your pool sparkling and ready-to-swim and enjoy all-year-round.

We’re available 7 days a week for weekly, fortnightly, monthly or casual visits.

Pool Maintenance Specialist Balwyn


Pool Maintenance Specialist Balwyn

We Service!





We Service!





Pool Maintenance in Balwyn

Pool Maintenance Balwyn
Our experienced pool technicians can look after your pool throughout the year, keeping it constantly maintained and safe for use.

Our services include vacuuming the pool floor, netting the top, brushing surfaces like walls and steps, filter maintenance, balancing chemicals, adjusting chlorinator output, calibrating pH and chlorine sensors and adjusting set-points, changing filtration times, checking water levels and inspecting equipment for correct operation, equipment sales and installation, resolving in-floor cleaning problems, blockages, leaks or other water-flow issues.

If you’re in the Balwyn area, investing in our expert routine pool cleaning and maintenance means your pool is always getting the best care. With the stress removed about safety, functionality and potential deterioration of your pool, you can lay back and enjoy your pool on every swim day or night.

Pool Maintenance Balwyn
Green Pool Specialist Balwyn

Green Pool in Balwyn

Green Pool Specialist Balwyn
You may have been away on holidays, the pool equipment failed and chlorine levels dropped, causing your pool to turned green in Balwyn. Our Green Pool Service will have your pool up-and-running again in no time.

At first visit, we chemically dose your swimming pool to kill the algae. As the alage dies it turns white and will float to the top. Once the alage becomes water-logged it will drop and settle at the bottom of the pool. All during this process the dead algae is suspended at different levels in the water and your pool will look quite cloudy.

On average it takes 3-4 days for all of the dead algae to settle on the bottom and for the pool water to become crystal clear. We will then return and vacuum your pool to waste, so it’s ready for use.

Pool Pump

Pool Pump Specialist Balwyn
The pool pump is one of the essential elements in your filtration system. The pool pump’s role is to take water from the pool, pass it through the filter, chlorinator, heater and then return it back to the pool.

This circulation also assists any chemicals added to be evenly distributed throughout the pool water. The ongoing combination of water circulation, the filter removing contaminants and particles from your pool at Balwyn and the correct chemical balance being maintained, will have your pool water fresh, clear, clean and healthy.

Pool Pump Specialist Balwyn
Pool Filter Maintenance Balwyn

Pool Filter Maintenance

Pool Filter Maintenance Balwyn
Your pool filter at Balwyn is a necessary component of your pool equipment. There are two types of filters commonly used in Australia. One is a sand filter (now called a “media filter”) and the other is a cartridge filter. Both do the critical job of removing micro-organisms and contaminants like dirt, hair, oils and dust, but both are different in their effectiveness and their maintenance required.

Media filters require backwashing for two minutes each month. During this process particles that have been trapped by the media are flushed out of the filter the opposite direction to which they became trapped… hence the term “backwash”. Sand media is required to be replaced every 5-6 years and glass media every 10-12 years. Sand will filter and catch particles to approximately 25 micron and glass down to 3 micron.

Cartridge filters need to have the elements removed and rinsed with a hose monthly to remove any dirt and other particles collected. Cartridge element manufacturers recommend that elements are replaced every 12 months. Cartridge filters will filter to around 10 micron.

Our team at Balwyn are experts in the maintenance of both filter types and we’re available 7 days a week to be of service to you when required.

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Pool Water Qualitya Balwyn

Pool Water Quality in Balwyn

Pool Water Qualitya Balwyn
Water quality is essential for the health and safety of people swimming in your pool. Properly maintaining water quality goes further than just cleaning and removing debris, because if chemicals aren’t balanced correctly, your pool at Balwyn can become home to germs, algae, bacteria and water water bugs as well.

Water quality management is a combination of adequate filtration times, water circulation and maintaining the correct chemical balances.

Rain will also affect the chemical balance of your water because it has a pH of around 5 (which is quite acidic & why the term “acid rain”) and will lower both the pH and alkalinity. Other chemicals will become diluted because rainwater doesn’t contain chemical additives.

Correctly balanced water ensures a healthy pool, so we add any required chemicals at each maintenance visit (if and when needed), to ensure your pool is always safe for swimming.

Saturation Index (SI)

Pool Repair Balwyn
The Saturation Index (SI) is a value derived by using readings from your pool at Balwyn for pH, alkalinity, stabiliser, calcium hardness, water temperature and total dissolved solids in the water.

The pool water Saturation Index (SI) at a value of zero is balanced. Values above zero can cause scaling on the pool wall or floor surfaces and below zero the water will become corrosive risking damage to your pool shell and equipment.

Pool Repair Balwyn
PH Inter Relationship Balwyn

Chlorine & pH Inter-relationship

PH Inter Relationship Balwyn
Some experts state that chlorine is the most important chemical in your pool at Balwyn, and others suggest that pH is the most critical.

Chlorine is used to disinfect and sanitise the pool water, but pH needs to be within a range of 7.1-7.8 for chlorine to be properly effective.

If pH is too high the water becomes alkaline, which reduces the disinfecting capability of chlorine. If pH is too low it will cause the chlorine to be quickly consumed, which will require more chlorine to be frequently added.

Chlorine is added to your pool automatically though your chlorinator or liquid chlorine feeder, manually adding granular or liquid chlorine, or using chlorine tablets. High levels of chlorine are usually reduced by the UV rays from the sun. Chlorine levels can be brought down quickly by adding sodium thiosulphate to the pool water and leaving the pump to circulate for 3-4 hours to evenly distribute this chemical throughout the pool.

Hydrochloric acid is used to lower pH and soda ash added to increase pH levels.

Chlorine & Stabiliser Inter-relationship

Stabiliser Inter Relationship Balwyn
Did you know that sunlight from the sun that reaches the earth has ultra violet rays (UV) which reduces the effectiveness of chlorine?

And if you live in Balwyn, then you’ll understand that during summer the temperature and UV can become extreme.

Stabiliser acts as sunscreen for chlorine. Without stabiliser, chlorine can lose 80% of its effectiveness within two hours on a hot summer’s day. With the correct level of stabiliser, chlorine is shielded from the sun and will only lose about 10% of its effectiveness in the same time period. This means stabiliser is needed in pools to help the chlorine maintain its effectiveness when exposed to the intense Australian UV rays.

Stabiliser levels also need to be monitored carefully, because if there‘s too much it will reduce the capability of the chlorine. If there isn’t enough, then the chlorine won’t be protected from the harmful UV rays.

The only effective way to reduce stabiliser levels is through dilution. This requires your pool to be part-drained, water added refill your pool and the chemicals rebalanced.

Stabiliser Inter Relationship Balwyn

pH & Alkalinity Inter-relationship

Total Alkalinity is the measure of alkaline substances in your pool water. Alkalinity acts as a buffer against changes in pH. The pH in the range between 80-120 ppm will prevent rapid pH changes in your pool, often referred to as “pH bounce”.

Buffer is used to increase alkalinity and hydrochloric acid is added to lower alkalinity.

We are in the Balwyn area every day, we can digitally analyse your water while we are servicing your pool, which will give you peace of mind knowing that your water chemistry will be always correct.

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